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Triathlon Photo Gallery

This page is a collection of images from Dan Becker's glorious triathlon career. Click on the image to get a larger view.

The Great Floridian, Clermont Florida, 1997

A slow but satisfying day.

The Great Floridian, Clermont Florida, 1996

An epic struggle between Adam Gruman and Dan Becker

The Great Floridian, Clermont Florida, 1994

A hot and windy year.

The Great Floridian, Clermont Florida, 1993

No wetsuits allowed this year. I finish this race within 58 seconds of my personal record.

Panama City Gulf Coast Tri, 1991

This was the year Jim Bell hammered his way to Hawaii. This was the year that I hammered Jim Bell with tequila.

The Vineman Ironman, 1990

This was the ironman race that started it all for me.

Penrod's Miami Beach, 1990

This race was partially on the sand. My goofy glasses phase. A race with Adam Gruman.

St. Anthony's, 1987, 1988, 1990

Was Adam racing these years?

Miami USTS, 1988

A windy, rainy day. I flatted and brought the tire home around my neck. I had a fun race with Bob Sharrar this year.

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