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Welcome to my web page. Please read on to explore my twisted world.

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Hello. Welcome to the place for things by Dan Becker. I am a simple American living in Austin Texas who has hobbies such as music, guitars and amplifiers, triathlons, board and miniature gaming, dogs, and modelling. I put articles here to share with the internet what I have learned.

Most times I place stuff here to allow others to download or use it. It's kind of like an electronic garage, you are invited to look and share, but I don't claim that it's organized or makes any sense.

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Recently I have been writing articles on the Guitars and Music pages: - music theory and practice charts, guitar amps, and song demos. There are many articles and photos on the Board Games and the Miniatures and Models pages. There's some fun stuff at the Triathlon and Mountain Biking areas.

There is some ancient stuff on the Photo Page, Puppies Page and the Videography Page.

Everything else is lumped in the Other Hobbies page. These are generally smaller areas of the site that fit into a few web pages. Here you will find my lesser hobbies such as Trebuchets and Armor.

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