Trail Information - Bull Creek High Ridge Trails


Update - Since this trail guide was written, the Bull Creek High Ridge Trails have been closed to mountain biking, walking, and hiking. The trails have been enclosed in chain link fencing with many warning signs. The trails have been closed to humans as a nature preserve and contain sensitive animal habitats. Do not moutain bike on these trails.

This is a deep, networked set of trails on the west end of town. This is a well travelled mountain bike mecca for Austinites, a place to meet every Saturday morning and put in a good 3 hour ride.

The top side of the mountain hooks up with the Jester mountain trails. The bottom side of the park hooks up with Bull Creek District Park.

The mountain gives a great challenge to those who like leg-burning ascents and high speed descents.

The network of trails is so dense here that one can go on 25 or so unique rides with very little reuse of trails. My friends and I have been exploring and "mining" the perals of this site for quite some time now and we are still not bored with the park.

Fun Factor

Do not be discouraged about the first 500 yards of the mountain, they are the toughest! The initial part of the trail consists of a series of one to two foot stone ledges with boulders and scree littering the line. The beaten path is well worn and provides the easiest attack up the hill. As you are climbing, simply remember the joy you will have on the way down.

There are a few extreme descents on these trails. One rather high ledge has had me spooked. I have attempted to go over the edge three times, but bailed out at the last moment on all attempts. One of these daya I will get the courage to attack my ledge.

The parks has fun, challenging descents. Our favorite endo movies are from this trail.

Brien Muschett and Allen Ramlow, 03 May 1997, Forest Ridge, Austin, Texas. (1.3 MB GIF)

A beautiful path-blocking bail-out by Brien leaves Allen with no choice but to become one with the nearest tree.

Me, 03 May 1997, Forest Ridge, Austin, Texas. (1.3 MB GIF)

Biking Skill Requirements

requiring balance, hopping, pogo-action, traction control, or other bike-handling skills.
requiring sustained heart rates and a high lung capacity.
requiring leg power and upper body development.
Level ground - -
Descents -


Enter from Bull Creek District park and ascend the hill on the north side by the Route 360 entrance road.


8 miles of networked deer trails, hiking trails, stream beds, mostly single track.


80% rocky limestone with exposed bolders, shelves, and ledges. 20% hard packed dirt.


One or two 300 foot mountains.

Environmental Concerns

  1. Erosion sensitive - do not lock your tires on descents. Be adventurous and pick a new line.
  2. Private property encroachment - do not cross fences!

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