Welcome to World Conflict, the chronicle of our Diplomacy game playing.Following is a political dossier of the news, events, politicalstruggles, and history of world in the making.

Diplomacy is a trademark of The Avalon Hill Game Company.Diplomacy information is available from Avalon Hill at theAvalon Hill Diplomacy page.

News of the World

This section describes the latest happenings in our Diplomaticefforts to keep world peace and ensure world tranquility.

Recent events:

The History of the World

This section describes the socio-politico-diplomatic efforts in progress and struggles of recent world history.
Diplomatic Dossier Title League of Nations Counselor Associated World Reference Point Participants World News
The World at War Paul Manz May 1998
  • Queen Victoria - Rob
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II - Kevin
  • Tsar Nikolai II - Dan
  • Archduke Ferdinand - Brian
  • President Emile Loubet - Val
  • Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II - Doug
  • King Vittorio Emmanuele III - Dave
The world is a constipated firecracker waiting to explode.
The World in Flames Brian Peebles May 1998
  • Queen Victoria - Dave
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II - Paul
  • Tsar Nikolai II - Rob
  • Archduke Ferdinand - Doug
  • President Emile Loubet - Dan
  • Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II - Val
  • King Vittorio Emmanuele III - Kev
The world is outright war!
Diplomacy Game History

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