Following is the Diplomacy Dossier entitled "The World at War" This page chronicles the world struggle in the Avalon Hill game Diplomacy. The diplomatic struggle began in July 1999. The World Court is adjucated by League of Nations High Counselor Paul Manz - his word is law.

Diplomacy is a trademark of The Avalon Hill Game Company. Diplomacy information is available from Avalon Hill at the Avalon Hill Diplomacy page.

World Political Briefing

The status of the world political situation is given in the news brief below:
Diplomatic Dossier Title League of Nations Counselor Associated Beginning Participants World News
The World at War Paul Manz July 1999.
  • Queen Victoria - Rob
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II - Kevin
  • Tsar Nikolai II - Dan
  • Archduke Ferdinand - Brian
  • President Emile Loubet - Val
  • Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II - Doug
  • King Vittorio Emmanuele III - Dave
The world is a constipated firecracker waiting to explode.
Diplomacy Information

The World Leaders

Following is a list of the current world leader, their flags, their armed forces.
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Queen Victoria
Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II
Tsar Nikolai II
King Vittorio Emmanuele III
Archduke Ferdinand
President Emile Loubet
The World Leaders

Snapshot of the World

The following thumbnail images show a progression of world events. Click on a photo to see an enlarged image.

Fall 1900- Peace
Spring 1901- War!
Fall 1901- The Land Grab
Spring 1902 - On the Move
Fall 1902 - The Backstab
Spring 1903 - The Advance
Fall 1903 - Russia Builds
Spring 1904 - Worlds Collide
Fall 1904 - France Sweeping
Spring 1905 - Russia Shrinking
Fall 1905 - Nordic invasion
Spring 1906 - Germany invades Poland
Fall 1906 - Italians die
Spring 1907 - Pushback against France

News of the World

Following is commentary on the events of the world.

Fall 1900

The world is at peace. All world powers live in harmony. Neutral and smaller nations enjoy national sovereignty. The industrial revolution brings economic advancement to Europe. The Victorian age is at its peak.

Spring 1901

War breaks out! There is nothing but chaos in Europe. France invades Spain and patrols the English Channel. Englans moves into attack positions at sea. Germany invades Denmark. Austria invades Serbia. Russia and Turkey vie for the Black Sea while Trukey invades Bulgaria. Italy invades Austria Hungary and enters the Ionian Sea. All havoc reigns supreme. The world is at peace. All world powers live in harmony. Neutral and smaller nations enjoy national sovereignty. The industrial revolution brings economic advancement to Europe. The Victorian age is at its peak.

Fall 1901

Italy conquers Africa. France humbles the Iberian penninsula. Germany and France oust England of the North Sea. Russia builds navies. Austria Humgary subdues the neutrals. Russia and Turkey peacably divide the eastern Aegean.

Spring 1902

France sails toward England. England recaptures the North Sea. Germany feeling pressure. Italy sails east. Austria-Hungary and Russia take Bulgaria. Turkey reels. Oh, the humanity of it all.

Fall 1902

Austria Hungary turns on Russia. Turkey moves on Rumania. Russia moves stupidly in Nrg instead of Nwy. Loses Rum to dumb move. France invades England. Italy hold in Germany. Everyone is belligerent and belicose.

Spring 1903

England is collapsing. France moves up the English coast and into Wales. Austria Hungary moves on Germany. Turkey feels the weight of AH and Russia. Italy is repelled from Smyrna. People are using the world court as a cesspool.

Fall 1903

Russia builds three! Italy attacks Austria-Hungary. A-H attacks Berlin, but then disbands France lands in Africa. Brotherly love is at a low point.

Spring 1904

Berlin is retaken by Germany. AH and France attack Italy. Turkey is holding his own. England is chased from Great Britainnia. Russia stalls for time. Worlds collide.

Fall 1904

France begins to sweep. Germany moves toward Russia. Turkey still holding. England is dead. Italy is being dismantled. Austria-Hungary licking wounds and regrouping. Worlds collide.

Spring 1905

France and Germany mow down Russia. Autria-Hungary holds ground. Turkey outguesses Russia. Italy shrinks.

Fall 1905

Russia lose Nordic lands Turkey loses units.

Spring 1906

Germany invades Poland. The Great Italian land grab.

Fall 1906

Italy dies. Germans in Moscow.

Spring 1907

Pushback against France.