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This page explains the data and the Devil Points I record. In the database is a record of all the games I have been playing. If I show up at a game night, the results of all games that night are recorded, not just the results of my games. I participate in several game groups including: the Lunchtime Gamers, the RussCon Gamers, Dragon's Lair, the Ale Knight's Game Nights, and various other sessions. I started keeping records in April 2000, although some of the data goes back to the middle of 1999. How I wish I had records back to when I first started!

Second, a word about the scoring. In addition to the data, the game name, and the number of players, I also keep track of everyone's relative finish, a system completely indebted to Russ Williams' Devil Points system at the RussCon Gamers. A player receives points equal to the number of players beaten minus the number of players not beaten. Thus if 5 players, Andrew, Brian, Carly, Donna, and Eric, play a game and finish in alphabetical order, their points will be Andrew 4, Brian 2, Carly 0, Donna -2, and Eric -4. In case of ties the formula still holds. For instance, if Andrew wins, and the other 4 tie for second the scores are Andrew 4, Brian -1, Carly -1, Donna -1, and Eric -1. Some games have partial data. For example, when Andrew submits a 4 player game of Settlers that he won, but he remembers no other players, the game is recorded as Andrew 3 with no other players.

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