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Following are brief descriptions of games that I've played recently. I have enough plays to give some initial thoughts and information but haven't played the game enough to form a lasting impression. Because of their brevity, I hope to publish many more of these previews and publish them more frequently.

Additionally, I found that I tend to write reviews on games I play a lot, and I tend to play the games that I like a lot. Hence, my reviews tend to be positive because I write them about games that I play and like a lot. Here the game selection is a bit more balanced between good and bad, and I can write more about games that bored me or just did not grab me, or I can rave about games that struck me. Unlike the Reviews page, these quick views tend not to have strategy discussions or the extensive list of online rules and reviews.

Click on the folder icon or game title to expose or hide the review text. Following the review, click on the Board Game Geek or Funagain Games symbols for more information at those sites. I hope you enjoy these quick glimpses of some fun games.

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