Run All 50

Recently I have embarked on the goal of running a marathonin all 50 states.

Why?First of all, I love running.Second of all, I love taking road trips and travelling to different races.Combining the two gives me a contrived reason tocreate a new web page and fill in a pretty picture of a map.


I have run a marathon in the highlighted states.


Under construction. Exact times and races coming soon.
State Races
  • Vineman Ironman Marathon, 8 August 1990, 4:12:00
  • Miami Marathon, 12 January 1984, 3:42:00
  • Tampa Bay Marathon, 10 November 1988, 3:15:00
  • San Antonio Marathon, 12 November 1996, 3:22:00
  • Austin Marathon, 12 February 1997, 3:26:00

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