Trail Information - Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail


The Hike and Bike Trail is a loop of 10.1 miles around Town Lake in downtown Austin. The lake is a constant level lake maintained by the Longhorn Dam at Pleaant Valley Road. The trail was established by Ladybird Johnson in the 1960's and is a popular and crowded destination for Austin joggers, walkers, bicyclists, and dog-walkers.

The trail offers several bridge crossings to make shorter loops of 2.5, 4.5 and 6.5 miles. The trail is laid with caliche and has no rocks or technical spots. The southeast part of the loop uses public sidewalks and parking lots and is obstructed by private property.

Fun Factor

Because of the crowds, avoid hitting joggers, stollers, kids, ducks, and dogs. When bunny-hopping these obstacles ensure there is an adequate landing zone. When using a mountain bike to decend staircases, be aware of tourists or couples that may be at the bottom. Do not attempt to race the miniature train.

In summer there are canoe rentals and swimming at Barton Springs. A 24 ounce lemonade is $2.50.

Biking Skill Requirements

A beginner trail in all respects.
requiring balance, hopping, pogo-action, traction control, or other bike-handling skills.
requiring sustained heart rates and a high lung capacity.
requiring leg power and upper body development.
Ascents - - -
Level ground - - -
Descents - - -


At Town Lake, in downtown Austin, reachable from several means:


10.1 of wide hiking and biking trail.


80% hard packed caliche, 80% hard packed soil, 10% sidewalks and parking lots.


Flat as a pancake.

Environmental Concerns

  1. Heavy use area

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