Dan Becker's 60 mm Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchhill

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchhill miniatures
Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchhill miniatures
On a recent trip to San Antonio, I spotted a miniatures retailer on the square right next to the Alamoinside the Gunther Hotel.The name of the miniatures shop is Kings X, and they specializein large scale (60 mm) metal miniatures.The store is filled with many showcases with fantastic dioramas of the Battle of the Bulge, Waterloo, Monmouth,the American Civil War, and of course the Alamo.

Kings X is but one of many local distributors of King & Countryminiatures.These miniatures are sold prepainted, and average about $25 per miniature, which is quiteexpensive, but the painting quality is quite good, and is worthy of an heirloom collection.The company sculpts and casts only its own miniatures.Proportions and expressions are excellent.The uniforms and coloring are well done.Each product line is meticulously researched and refined.For example, for the Battle of the Alamo, you can order each American participant by name.Jim Bowie is depicted fighting from his hospital bed.Davy Crockett is shown in buckskins.Here is an example of Andrew Kentfighting a Mexican soldier of Santa Ana's army.

As can be seen in the photo, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchhill are depicted in stereotypical poses.Hitler wears his winter military overcoat and gives the Nazi salute. Churchhill wears a navy peacoat and flashesthe "V for Victory" symbol.There is nice black-lining and detail in Hitler's uniform.Churchill has a nice polka dot tie and gloss in his visor and shoes.Both miniatures show nice facial shading and eye details.

As King & Country make many world leaders from George Washington to Napoleon, you may wonder why I have chosen such aninfamous person as Hitler.Hitler certainly brings out a negative visceral reaction in many people.I think buying Hitler and Churchhill as a pair sums up some of the darkest struggles and most heroic hoursof World War II.It is a summary of the best and worst in people.And both have a legacy much longer than the years they spent here on earth.So I think having them as a pair evokes many memories of their deeds andtheir effect on their lasting impact on the world.

If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity,they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another.
-Winston Churchhill

Thanks for reading about my 60 mm miniatures.More miniatures and scenery photos are located at the Miniatures section.

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