Funagain Associate Explanation

You may notice that many of the game reviews on this site contain a link to Funagain Games. The game reviews are linked to Funagain Games to enable you to purchase a game quickly from within the context of the game review. In exchange for linking to the Funagain Games site, Funagain Games provides me a commission for each game sale resulting from a link originating from Dan Becker's Game Site. This program is known as the Funagain Associates Program.

Please be aware that this association with Funagain Games in no way influences the game review or my opinion of a game. The links are provided as a service to allow you to purchase a game. Since I review games of many designers and manufacturers, Funagain Games sells games of many designers and manufacturers, and the sales commission is identical for all games, you can be assured that in no way is it beneficial for me to change or skew a review or an opinion in order to get you to purchase a game.

As stated in the Game Reviews page, be forewarned that I am a gaming enthusiast and not a gaming critic so many of the reviews will be positive or even glowing. I bought many of these games after reading good reviews on the web or after positive gaming sessions at friend's houses. I accept no free games for review purposes, and all the reviewed games are purchased with my own money. So realize that the reviews are skewed to the positive out of my non-random purchasing patterns and NOT because I am trying to make a buck off of you buying the game.

Within every review I mention the good and bad features of the game. No game has been labelled all bad or all good. Hopefully the information I give is enough for you to decide whether you want to purchase a game and to feel safe and understand that I am not trying to manipulate you or coerce you into buying a game.

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