The Ale Knights

Matty Grove's PubAs reported by Sir Bacardi...

"Hail Ale Knights!

Yesterday, August 7th in the year of our lord 2004, did men,and ladys, of the most noble order ofthe Ale Knights present unto the most gracious barkeep Fred, the coat of arms of our order, tohang upon the walls of Matty Groves Tavern at the New York Renaissance Festival.

Matty's PubA ArtIn attendance that day were, Bernie Clark-Duke of Chutney, Sir Brian, Master Owen,Lady Mary, Maid Alexandra, and Sir Bacardi.

Shield of HonorBernie presented the Coat of Arms to Fred, who immediately had to hang it on the wall.Sir Bacardi with forethought provided a hammer and nail. And lo! Fred put the Ale Knightcoat of Arms in a place of honor above the taps.

Upon hanging the coat of arms, The knights hailed "SOTH BENTOS!" Fred shouted "PRAISE NED!...PRAISE NED,If you were drunk, you would know what that means!" And there was much rejoicing.

Thirsty PatronsThere was to be a dedication presented by Sir Francis Drake(played by our friend, Don Kilcoyne),but the rain and a busy show schedule seemed to go against us."

It is rumored that the Ale Knights Soth Bentos shield was responsible foruncommonly high beer sales that day. Praise Ned.

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