The Ale Knights

The Ale Quest 2006 -As reported by Sir Barcardi, High Priest of the Ale Knights

The Quest FellowshipHail and well met!I, Sir Bacardi, most loyal High Priest of the noble order of the Ale Knightswill relate the tale of the opening day at the New York Renaissance Faire thispast Saturday, the 5th of August, in the year of our Lord 2006.

Sir Bernard the Duke of Chutney were joined again this year by Sir Valiant.After the Duke and I outfitted Sir Valiant in some medieval finery, we headedoff to the Faire.

We arrived not long after the 10:00am opening and immediatelywent to Matty Groves. Along the way the Duke hailed many old friends. As weapproached Matty's we heard the familiar sound of Fred hailing "Praise Ned! SothBentos! The Ale Knights are here!"

Sir ValiantAs Sir Valiant had related earlier, it was a blessing and a curse to make thisour first stop. We found ourselves here for the next two hours, having ales,mead, and enjoying the sights of patrons and those in garb. Much revelry was hadas Fred made up things to say while hawking , "Now serving any lass with twohuge cups!" and so on!

We saw many an Ale-Friend, including Lady Heidi (inpicture talking to the Duke) and her husband Sir Chris.

The BishopOur "Most Genius Person in Garb Award" went to this man whom we dubbed "the Bishop!"

The Blue Balls InnWe finally got off our duffs to espy a new tavern. They razed the "Merryman'sInn" over by the Living Chess Board, and erected a new pub in they nearby woodscalled The Blue Boar Inn(three guesses as to what we renamed it).

The only pub in any real shade, The Blue Boar will surely be the Renny hangout.

Clans JonesWhilst there we were met by the Jones Clan (Lord Brian, Lady Justine,Lady Gwen, Sirs Owen and Eric).

After some revelry, Clan Jones deiced to get some victuals, and we need to visit the privies.

Rusty KnifeSir Valiant and I had a respite at The Rusty Knife while the Duke chatted with more friends.

Victuals and aleVal and I were getting pretty hungry, so we headed back to the food sellers andfeasted on sausage on a stick and a boar sandwich back at Matty's. The Duke wasoff somewhere chatting it up.

Fox and Hounds PubSir Valiant got word through his magical talking box that the Ladies, Mary, Sue, andAlexandra had arrived (time to sober-up!). I being the addle-pated fool, decidedto meet them. Of course we crossed paths and I waited at the gate while theladies had already reached Matty's (that will teach me to stay put). As Irealized what had happened, I headed back. Sir Valiant was waiting for me at TheFox and Hounds pub.

Hawker's CrossingThen it was off to Hawkers Crossing for more Merriment.

Lady AlexandraLady Alex was dressed in pirate garb and had her face painted with the crossed swords and roses!

Pirate AlexandraARRR!

The PonyIt was Back to the Blue Boar so the ladies could get a gander at this new pub.

Pony RideI took Alex over to the petting zoo to feed some animals and she also had a pony ride.

Duke and the LadiesWhen we returned to the BB the Duke was having a grand time with the ladies!

Duke and the LadiesThen it was back to Matty's for some late day victuals. Alex made a friends with apixie-fairy and shared flavored snow.

But alas! Where are the Joneses! we did not see them since around noon! It isnow 7:00! Later that evening, Lady Mary talked to them and found out they wentto the same places we did(petting zoo etc.), and stayed till the bitter end. Itturns out that cruel fate made us just miss each other throughout the day.

Oh Ned, thou trickster!

The ToastYes it was a fine opening day. Alas,we didn't do any browsing or see any shows.The pubs, the friends, and atmosphere of revelry took us in!

Huzzah! Soth Bentos! Praise Ned!

Your most humble servant,
Sir Bacardi, High priest of the Most noble order of the Ale Knights.

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