The Ale Knights

The Ale Quest 2005 -As reported by Sir Bernard, Duke of Chutney

The Quest FellowshipWell Met! I now tell the tale of the 2005 Ale Quest in the shire of Sterling. Iam Sir Bernard, Duke of Chutney in the Service of the Ale Knights. To my left isSir Bacardi, High Priest of the Ale Knights and of the Holy Ale Quest. To myright is Sir Paul in the Service of the Queen of the Shire, and to his right isSir Brian of the Wood and his lovely daughter Lady Gwen, Ale Maiden.

Behold! Thequest has begun! We have just come from the mimosa booth at the gate and thenthe Fox & Hound tavern. After slaking mighty thirsts there in we headed towardsthe Puss 'N' Boots Pub to get it out of the way. It is not one of the favoritesights of the Ale Knights to imbibe.

On the way we met Sir Paul and spoke withhim at length. He was concerned about the theft of Sir Brian's tunic by godlessboogiemen which he felt was a bad omen for the Quest. However after a shortfoamy blessing by Sir Bacardi, a long drink to empty all mugs, the questproceeded on, Praise Ned!

Barcardi's GreattingHere is the dream of every true Ale Knight! A friend buying a round! Nay, nay, (hic!)it is the straight and true figure of Sir Bacardi before the bar of the Puss 'N'Boots Pub ordering the holy ale. To his right is a patron who has had the bottomlegs of his pants stole by the hated boogiemen. Behind the bar is a lovelymaiden preparing to serve cold refreshing ale to thirsty knights.

Motley crewShortly after Sir Bacardi did refill the Quest mugs, he did most happily performthe induction rites for three new ale knights, Sir Christopher (behind me),Lady Heidi (to the right of Sir Brian), and Sir Christopher Jr.(to my left).

More pub funHuzzah! It was a wonderful celebration and to be knighted upon the very day ofthe Quest itself! What more could one want ..another ale?

View of fieldThe quest then passed to the Jousters pub which lies near the castle andtournament field.

Ginko pubThis drynk stall has become home to many Ginkos and thereforethe toasts to Ned and the other ale knights not present this day were brief andtankards quickly emptied. (hic, hic!) Gadzooks! The Duke is beginning to talk tosomeone let us be off!

Mimosa pubHere we have Sir Bacardi and I before the second mimosa booth located in thecenter of the shire. I proudly hold the great stained banner of the Ale Knights,while Sir Bacardi holds the new cross of the Ale Knights designed by us both andpainted by its bearer. It was a proud moment as we posed, for the Quest was wellon its way and so were we! Soth Bentos!

Lady MartaHere we have Lady Marta, Champion of the Ale Quest. She is sitting in the shadeof the Glass bobbery drinking a refreshing mimosa while fanning her self andhoping that Lady Mary, Lady of the Holy Ale Quest will appear soon withLady Alex, Ale Maiden. Will the Ladies Mary and Alex appear? Will the Quest becompleted? Let us continue.

Hawker's CrossingHere we have Hawkers Crossing in all its hustle and bustle. It was the nexttavern after the mimosa booth I believe. This photo was not taken on the 2005Quest as the Duke who was getting in his cups forgot that he had his magicalblack box with him. The photo is from the 2005 season though. Praise Ned yetagain the ladies who serve at this pub are some of the loveliest and healthiestin the shire!

Mary and AlexOf course Ladies Mary and Alex will appear, you sots!

From this point the Quest had to make its way through the formidable glen whichhouses Mystics way home of the once greatly feared mystic seer Tourmaline. Allhands were on hilts and tankards as the inebriated knights made their way asbest they could to the Gamers Glen Pub. What a merry sight the Quest knightsbeheld, a jolly tavern amidst games of skill and cold frothing ale. This tavernis famous in legends and lore for as Sir Bacardi correctly guessed this is barwhere once a thirsty, weary traveler could have ale served to him/her by thecomely Misty Mundane. Hey Nonny, Nonny! On ward! Cross the Kissing Bridge andthen a stop at the flushing privies, then a mere stride to the Crusty Wife (RustyKnife). This proved to be a most perilous task as the bees of Sterling Forestabound and all had to check their mugs before quaffing! Once all mugs andbladders were drained the knights proceeded to the Chess Pub (The Mermaid Inn).

Drink with friendsThe photo is of opening day 2005 with Sirs Valiant, Bacardi,and Bernard beforethe Chess Pub toasting Ned, and the death of Sir John Barley Corn.

Back of the pubUpon the side of the Chess Pub, here can be seen Sirs Bernard, Brian, Lady Gwen,and the newly knighted Sir Christopher Jr. speaking with a black woodsmanshortly before the move to the final draft at Matty Groves. The woodsman is grimfaced too many Ginkos in the forests this day! Here it should be noted that theDuke in a moment of drunken dumbness knocked off the nasal piece to his helm.What a tosspot! Oh ho! There seems to be quite a line of travelers coming fromthe opposite direction! Will the Ale Knights be able to make Matty Groves beforemore trouble befalls them? Lead on!

Matty Grove'sMATTY GROVES! The Ale Knights have completed the Ale Quest 2005! Praise Ned!Soth Bentos!

Matty Grove's Close upThe final drinks are had and a good rest is deserved by all.Proudly does the Banner wave, the cross shine and the shield hang above theglistening taps!

[Editor: Also note the Ale Knight medallion shield from Ale Quest 2003 proudly displayed above the taps.]

Quest successfulGod, St. Michael and St. George be with the Ale Knights in theheat of opening day 2006 and the 2006 Quest Knights! Sirs Bacardi, Bernard, andGrassanod celebrate Ned at Matty Groves 2005!

SunsetBut where is Sir Brianís mail? A fie upon those boogiemen!

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