The Ale Knights - Ale Quest 2002

Ale Questers 2002As reported by Sir Bacardi...
Yesterday August 31st 2002, the Ale Knights set upon their yearly quest atthe New York Renaissance Faire. This is the Twentieth anniversary of thefirst Ale Knight trek to the Faire! The Duke of Chutney with Lady Jennyand Sir Bacardi were the only ones to participate in the quest. Lady Martawas the designated driver and Lady Mary was a chaperone for the soon to besnackered Knights.

Ale Questers 2002We started the Quest off with the ritual Mimosa. At each pub we toastedwith as rousing cheer of "Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol! Soth Bentos!Praise Ned!" Soon we were joined by the Jones family. Sadly Sir Jonesercould not drink due to illness. At least he could lend moral supportor at least hold my head up if I had to puke.

At 12:34 we hit the "Fox and Hounds" and had the first ales and mead.I planted the ale banner and posed....MMMM! Drink good!

Ale Questers 2002Then we took the long-way 'round the faire to go to the "Rusty Knyfe."We call it the "Crusty Wyfe."

On the way we bestowed upon Fred of "Matty Grove's" the Ale Knight"Barkeep of Merit" glow badge.

Ale Questers 2002

We then stopped by "Merryman's Pub" to bestow another badge upon Bean.By 1:14 we hit the "Rusty Knife", ten minutes later we wereat the "Gaming Glen" drynkstall. We hung there for a while.

Many patrons were intrigued by Bernie's chainmail. Of course he wasmore than happy to go into lectures on the art of linking mail.

At 2:16 we hit "Hawker's Crossing" were we ran into an old NJRKfellow performer who was sporting a wild blue chainmail tunicwith a gold eagle pattern.We quickly moved on to the "Merryman's Pub" which we renamed"Bean's Pub". We lingered there and much Meade was drunk.Lady Mary made sure that we kept eating. Lady Marta made surewe didn't fall on our faces.

Ale Questers 2002By 3:40 were at the "Joust Pub" and heard some songs by a minstrelfriend of Bernie's. We got a quick one at "The Ploughman's Inn"and headed for our final stop.."Matty Grove's" of course.At 5:00 we planted ourselves at "Matty's" to finish out the quest.Lady Mary went over to the other Mimosa booth to get us the lastdrinks that would round out the entire Quest.

Bernie menaced Friar Tuck (our friend Don) with his sausage.

Ale Questers 2002No, I'm not puking, I'm bowing to her Majesty.

Ale Questers 2002She hails our quest and gives us her blessing. I'm totally trashed at this point.

Ale Questers 2002After finishing my last Quest drink I was going to get another, but two securityguys suggested I get water or soda instead, In fact they gave me a free water.After twenty years I'm flagged at the Faire! Bernie was ready to storm thebattlements, I didn't take it so hard. An Ale Knight must getflagged once in a while.

By 6:30 the weary drunken Ale-Sots (and Jenny) were ready to call it a day. But a fine day it was.

Praise Ned!Soth Bentos!

As recounted by Sir Bacardi, High Priest of the Ale Knights.Pictures graciously provided by Sir Bacardi and Lady Mary.

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