Dan Becker's Game Page

Administrator Menu

Purpose: Use the items below to run administrator actions.

  1. Run PHPMyAdmin... - run the SQL administrator tool.
  2. Insert plays - insert one or more play records.
  3. Validate Plays - ensure Plays gameid, game names in GameNames
  4. Validate Scores PlayIDs - ensure Scores playids exist in Plays
  5. Validate Scores Points Total - ensure Scores points of complete records add to 0.
  6. Update Plays, Scores - update related values in Plays, Scores.
  7. Update Game Names - globally change or delete game names in Plays.
  8. Update Player Names - globally change or delete player names in Scores.
  9. Update Ties to Teams - convert old style ties to new style teams.
  10. Create tables - create the Plays and Scores tables.
  11. Drop tables... - drops selected tables.
  12. Insert game info - insert game information.
  13. Insert quick view - insert a quick view game review.
  14. Update table field - replace table field data with new data.
  15. Delete selected rows - remove plays from the Plays and Scores tables.
  16. Delete all rows - remove all data from the Plays and Scores tables.

Tournament System

  1. Drop tournament tables... - drops selected tables.
  2. Create tournament tables! - create all tournament tables (players, games, plays, scores, etc.)
  3. Empty/clear tournament tables... - empty/clear data from selected tables
  4. Insert default info! - adds standard data to tournament tables (game/country/scenario/player names)
  5. Insert play... - insert play records into tournament interactively.
  6. Insert play list... - insert play records into tournament via list.
  7. Delete plays... - select and remove records from tournament.
  8. Calculate scores... - select and rank scores in a tournament.
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