Dan Becker's Commands and Colors: Ancients Battle of Ilipa

This page shows a series of synchronized photos of Dan and Mark playing Richard Borg's Commands and Colors Ancients game using the Battle of Ilipa scenario. The Battle of Ilipa occured in 206 BC in Spain when Carthage's Hasdrubal Gisgo met Roman general Scipio and Marcius on the battle field. The game has a nice mix of heavy and medium units with some excellent cavalry on the flanks for both sides.

Use the controls to advance the narration and the photos. The first and last control page to the first and last frame in the series. The second and third control move one step backwards and forwards.

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0. Initial set up

Both sides are ready for battle. Rome is nearest the viewer. Carthage is the facing the viewer.

frame 0 frame 0
frame 0

Some lessons learned from this photographic experiment:

Thanks for visiting and reading about my Commands and Colors Ancients figures. More miniatures-related articles are at Dan Becker's Miniatures and Models site or go directly to my 6 mm Carthaginian Army, 6 mm Roman Army, the GHQ terrain preview, or the 6 mm Roman Army pages. Other good sites for information on this great game are John Foley's CCA site, Board Game Geek's CCA pages, and the Yahoo CCA Vassal group.

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